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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  June 21, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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flooding in areas and more rain is on the forecast including the possibility for severe storms tonight. and of course, janice dean will stay on top of that. that's our fox report. i am heather childress. thanks for watching, huckabee starts right now. tonight on huckabee, iraq is falling apart. >> it is in our national security interest not to see an all out civil war in iraq. >> what should america's role be? >> america combat troops are not going to fight in iraq again. >> top military minds break down the strategy and tactics and the big picture in iraq. and outrage, a suspected benghazi ring leader gets constitutional protection from the justice department. the congressman tells the governor why he's furious. >> and plus, sinking poll
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numbers and stagnant bock sales. has americans had enough of hillary clinton? >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. (applause) >> thank you very much. great audience here today and thanks for joining and you say welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. past 12 weeks we have followed the plight of 16-year-old justina pelletier who was handed over to the medical and i am delighted to say now that justina is finally home after a judge ruled that she ought to be returned to her parents. next saturday, i will talk to justina pelletier. it will be her first television
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interview. next saturday you don't want to miss that. (applause) well, i keep hearing that america is polarized between republicans and democrats and that is true among the ruling class and the real polarization of america is the people who live among the elites and powerful and those who are sick of seeing the double standards applied to the country. i am mad about it and so are americans. i know if the irs audits me, i will have to produce written receipts to 200 nup. and i am watching lois lerner and six other irs executives that their computers crashed and they can't reveal the e-mails.
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and to use that government agency's power to step all over the average american or with groups that might have a political view that some government goon doesn't like ought to result to someone deputy to jail. not a taxpayer. not even the sincere democrats in congress can believe the nonsense of the irs official claiming that the dog ate their home work. we go to jail for that. and we have a president saying you up all come and opens the doors. we are giving diapers and formula and suspecting moms in our own country are struggling to feed their kids. a person can ignore the immigration laws and get medical care and the veterans are in a cesspool called the va system. and bureaucrats get bonuses for
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cooking the books and manufacturing the records and big shots who have an ivy league education and make hundred millions running companies in the ground they get a bail out. but the people who sweat through their clothes and lifting heavy stuff, they get wages and benefits cut. as long as they bail out the boys who write the checks don't think the administration will hold them accountable. the president said the biggest problem is climate changes. and he blames us for driving cars and he flies air force one & plays golf at palm springs and expels more carbon in one day than most americans in a lifetime. >> we fight wars with other people's kids and we keep
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sending the same folks again and again to take bullets and step on bombs for an irerational foreign policy that punishes friends like israel and tries to make nice with iran. and we let five of the notorious terrorist los and then keep your kids locked up for a nonviolent drug possession. gasoline prices are highest in years and instead of getting oil, gas or coal and empower working class families with affordable energy. we get lectured by the president even while he is giving out cas solyndra in bankruptcy but only after living large on big salaries and producing nothing but more federal deficits. there is polarization all right. it is not democrats and republicans, it is the people who make the rules and not living by the same rules as the
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people paying for the rules. and we're sick of it! (applause) this weekend, the militant group known as isis took over the border crossing. and making it easier for supplies to come in from syria and in the meantime the iraq army held military parties after the shiite cleric called on militia men to defend the sites. and president obama laid out a plan in response. >> we have significantly increased intelligence and recognizance and we have a better picture of what is taking place in iraq and this will give us an understanding what isil is doing and where it is located and counter the threat. >> all right. to get a better visual idea of
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what the president is talking about. the threat posed by the islamic state of iraq and syria and what the role of the throw hundred americans military advisors. we have fox news contractors major general bob scales and lieutenant colonel bill cowan. it is an honor to have you here. americans are hearing about what is happening, but i am not sure what they understand the geograpy and value. general start with the big picture of what is happening in iraq and why it matters to those in nebraska? >> start with the map and start with 2011 when all of this started. it was then the administration decided to pull out u.s. troops in 2011. and leave no troops behind and
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no residual force behind in iraq it was not just the fact that our soldiers were leaving, it was the fact that all of the infrastructure and all of the intelligence and stay behinds and all of the friends that we made in iraq were lifted from that country beginning in 2011 and for intelligence purposes the country went black. >> did we just love with the renters we took the plumbing and wiring left. we had nothing left. >> we took the whole house. and right after we left. maliki, the president of iraq started to completely rip the guts out of the iraqi army. he took the good generals and replaced him with shiite conys and stopped supplies gasoline and spare parts and the iraqi army started on a downhill sloyd that continues to this day.
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and many will recall the terrible civil war that started in syria in 20len and that's where we see islamic state of iraq in syria they conducted a two and half year war against the assad regime. and they went from a rabble of al-qaeda drone, to something that was more dangerous. they learned how to fight and sorted themselves out and came up with good leadership and foreign fighters from europe and the united states. they are well equipped and have a great deal of money and all of the sudden on the 10th of june, isis, turned their attention on iraq. first thing they did, they took down the second largest city of mosul and literally overnight the iraqi army. four divisions of the iraqi army
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simply disappeared and over a period of seven days and over all, they completely blanketed northeastern iraq destroying most of the iraqi army. in two days, they moved 230 miles. >> let me interrupt. >> tactically cornell to move that much military that far, that is not something that just happen out of luck, did it? >> not at all. governor. two things that play. scenes of people beheaded and shot and executed as many people saw on television was something that iraqi soldiers were watching and more importantly they had to have a infrastructure. from the time they moved in the border in syria and mosul. meant that they had taken the time to put a support mechanism in place. they knew where they wanted to move and why and it showed
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a long- term straj straj plan. >> how bad are the isis guys? we hear that these guys make al-qaeda look like the folks you invite to dinner. >> they are dibollical and probably the sinister and evil terrorist force that we have seen in the last hundred years, it is not al-qaeda, this is not just terrorist groups, this is an army that has good leadership and well trained and combat experienced and they are being paid by many of the sunni states in the area and they have a terrific infrastukture in the sunni part of iraq. the part that you can see with the isis is a sunni triangle and runs all the way down to the gates of baghdad. and as they move south in the ti gresz river and destroy the iraqi unit and they replace them
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and move to the towns and villages and started to turn them in to what god forbid will be the sunni ca la fate in iraq. ncornell before we get to the the break. just on saturday, icam was taken by isis. they have taken it? >> it is important because it is the gateway for the movement of goods and splois between syria and iraq and the commerce and now moving the vehicles that they have captured humvees and perhaps tanks back over to syria where they are fighting there and a way for commerce to continue to flow into this area as they gain control. >> it is like taking laredo, texas. and when we come back, we'll talk about how the president is sending 300 military advisors to iraq and are they going to halt
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the blood shed? >> the colonel and general and me are back right after this. >> if you would like to comment on tonight's show. i welcome your response. go to you can connect with me on facebook and sign up for the regular messages on twitter and leave comments on the feedback section of [ female announcer ] there's a gap out there.
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we can have them helping them with their trucks because they can move them forward or inteleigence communication and a whole range of thing little. what we have to hope they will be positioned so they can have a strategic influence. >> where will it be. >> baghdad would be the safest. air strikes and we have to think of them controlling the air strikes. >> put it over there and put them on the board. >> and hit the right targets. and it remains to be seen. let's put them where they are not in harm's way. and the question is what can they influence. >> it is apparent. this is a mess right now. does baghdad fall and if it doesn't. >> baghdad probably won't fall because baghdad is 69 percent
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shiite and the last thing is the sunnis want to do. this is a sunnis. isis is a sunni army. last thing they want to do is pick a fight in shiite iraq. and they will continue to consolidate and capture the most important thing in iraq which are the refineries and oil fields. >> those are positioned in the northeastern part. >> near kuredish. and the kureds are fighting for the city of of kirkuk. and as we speak right now there is a fight going on between the kureds and isis. and so far kureds are 350,000 solders and dedicated and doing well against isis. but the point of contention. seize and hold the oil fields
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and consolidate the sunni air and turn it away from being captured cities and being a state. a terrorist state in the middle of the sunni triangle. >> iran is shiite and sunni here and a lot of the arab world is sunni and what does this mean for the united states strategically. >> it is a potential disaster. al-qaeda is minuscule compared to this. and one of their avowed missions once they create a ca lifate is to turn to foreign infedells and europe and perhaps the united states and they are so well trained and organized. they have a state. god only knows what the next step of the operation will be for the americans at home. >> cornell we have aircraft carriers and ships in the
5:20 pm
persian gulf. will we see air strikes and if so, what are they going to accomplish. >> great question. there are reports that isis has captured stinger missiles and shoulder to fire missiles and that changes the dynamics of a strikes and what we use. but if we talk about air strikes. you want to know what the target is. we can't have the killing of innocent people pie mistake. those things happen. isis are smart people and showning the sunnis, it isus. the americans lining up to go after the sunnis. and remember how many countries are sunni. and a lot of people are going to listen to what isis said. >> the last thing is the american air force to be
5:21 pm
depicted as the shiite air force. and remember i told you, 97 percent of the air strike is not dropping bombs, but doing the intelligence so you can avoid killing civilians and right now, that country is black to us and it will take weeks if not months to put the rudimentary enteleigence in the country. >> what you have reminded us. it is not only pulling the troops out. we pulled everything out there and lost our informants and infrastructure and intelligence and the president said we go back in there and it is like starting 15 years ago. and we are really going that far back to resolve it. we are out of time. i want to ask you for a summary. colonel, long- term where to you see this region going in the the next 12 months.
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>> great question. the kureds will breakaway. and turkey used to have a problem and don't anymore. the kureds will end up being stable and isis and the other insurgent elements, terrorist elements over in syria, they will continue to gain strength and not give up ground and develop a country. they have 3,000 people with western passports to get on a plane and fly to the united states, these are the long- term problem. >> kureds in the northeast. general, your assessment in 12 months. >> i am afraid isis will consolidate and put a ca lifate and i think the area will fracture in three countries. shiite area will identify with iran and iran's interest will be
5:23 pm
fulfilled and the kureds will form a separate state and the united states will be left in the lurch. >> it is not a pretty picture. >> no. >> thank you for your service to this country. we wouldn't be free without men like you and i thank you from the bottom of my heart. >> my pleasure to have you. >> thank you, cornell. >> you have seen the tactical and strategic break down. is the president right in sending throw hundred military advisors to iraq. a connecticut senator tells us what he thinks when we come back. radio announcer: it's mattress discounters 4th of july sale.
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assistance with 300 military advisors. the next guest is a democrat that has concerns about the plan. joining us is the congressman from connecticut. you have seen a couple of military experts talk about the difficult situation we are in. you got concerns about sending advisors, share with me the concern. >> thank you for inviting me. the guests did a good job of painting what is on the ground. we need to sit back and ask ourselves what our fundmental interest are. and our fundmental interest in iraq and in syria and libya and you know, in all of these areas that are having challenges is chlor. that is to go after in an aggressive way. the small number of fighters
5:28 pm
al-qaedaire isil that has transnational ambition and they want to come after us or europe or israel. beyond that, i think the general made the point. we have to avoid being perceived to be on anybody's team in this shiite versus sunni civil war that is happening in syria and iraq. and i fear. i have profound concern about the president's plan to send advisors. there is an open question of whether there is something called iraq anymore. remember iraq was created by the british empire 90 years ago and if the iraqi army is anything other than the shiite militia. i fear we are essentially coaching one of the teams in a very ugly three- way conflict. >> what you are saying picking
5:29 pm
a winner doesn't make sense. they are all losers for us in terms of fundmentally going to be against the interest of the united states and the friends like israel that we have in the region. >> i am not sure that is true. isil is bad people and they have people within isil that we want off of the battle field as friends in the militaries say. but the current prime minister whom we are supporting apparently supporting is very much an ally of the iranians. it is not clear. the kureds are our friends. we need to do what we are doing in yemen and ways i can't talk b. and yemen and syria and pakistan. you need to work it out. whether there is a iraq or a shiite or sunni and kured state. but if you support people coming after us. you will have a bad day. that's what we are doing in the
5:30 pm
region and that is the right approach. but the idea of a ca lifate. it is scary, if terrorist have a state, they have traesz and know where to go. it is hard when they are in caves and woods and chaos. if they were to set up a sunni state and maybe that is not a terrorist. remember in the iraq war they were so broughtal sunnis turned on their own people. but if there is a state there are addresses and we can find people. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, governor. accused of being a ring leader in the attack in benghazi. he will enjoy constitutional rights like a guy who held up a 7- 11 in witchita. many people are outraged. we'll have more after this.
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5:35 pm
add that both sides need to return to the negotiating table. >> pope francis said all mobsters are excommunicated from the catholic church. francis condemning the region for being a center of a global drug trafficking ring. and the pope traveling to a nearby jail where he spoke to inmates and a father who lost his son. now pack to huckabee. in the weeks following the terrorist attacks in benghazi that killed four americans, several news reporters were able to find him and speak to abu khattala. and reporters found him sitting there sipping a strawberry
5:36 pm
fratte on a hotel patio. two years after the reporters found him, we finally captured a bu abu khattala and when he gets here, the obama administration will treat him not as a terrorist but a criminal. by the way your tax dollars will fund his defense. joining me is the congressman on intelience and benghazi select committee. congressman, good idea to give him a lawyer up and proceed in the criminal courts of america. governor, it is great to be on the show. it is a terrible idea. and it shoes the misunderstanding of barak obama to keeping americans safe. he wants to treat him as a common criminal. and this is a man, mr. abu
5:37 pm
khattala who was part of an swar sharia. and his connection to al-qaeda is known. we need to interrogate him and find out who he knows. and we have dozens of folks and folks that are running around benghazi, libya we have been briefed on him. and how we got mr. abu khattala is remarkable. but there are dozens of folks who killed four americans and instead of giving him a lawyer in washington d.c. we should bring them to justice and find out what it is they continue to do to try to attack america today. he issie a boat to come back. the long boat ride. surely somebody is talking to him and who is interrogating him
5:38 pm
and what might we gain or is he getting an attorney on board of a boat. my understanding we are talking to him. and he knows the moment he gets to shore he can request a lawyer and be with all of the rights we have as americans and have an opportunity to claim that he doesn't have to talk to anyone. he needs to just hang on. and this is not the conditions in with which you find out the important information. we shouldn't treat him as a criminal but a terrorist that killed four americans. >> we know the what, but the yo why? why do we give this guy the same treatment as an american citizen. he was not arrested on american soil; what is behind this? i am having a hard time understanding that?
5:39 pm
>> governor, i can't understand it either. i think it is bark bookkeeper obama's view from radical terrorism. he thinks if america goes away and we leave these folks alone they will treat us right. and if we close guantanamo bay and disengage, the threat from islamic terrorism will go away and treating abu khattala as part and parcel understanding of the threat. he's wrong. >> couldn't agree more. congressman you are one of our favorites. >> thank you. polls show president obama has low ratings. and hillary clinton is conducting books and no one is watching. have americans had enough? we'll find out because the hot seat is next. it says here that a won's sex drive
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5:44 pm
sxum and hillary clinton. my challenger elle and founder of the list. and a network for professional women rachel sclar is with us. >> rachel, is the support for hillary clinton waning? she had tough woks in the interview. >> i don't think the support for hillary clinton is waning at all. i think she is just emerges as a precandidate if you will. >> precandidate. >> no one is a candidate until they announce their intention to announce. this is a move toward candidacy and putting herself out there and obviously, i don't think any politician expects to go out to the the public and have it sunshine and puppies and roses and unicorns certainly not hillary clinton. but it is a best seller and the book got a ton of coverage, and the most important thing when you are hillary clinton is to
5:45 pm
show case your leadership and likeability. and first time america likes hillary clinton. >> the bock is doing fine. it is not harry potter, and it is not jk rolings. what makes me sad about the interpretation. she didn't used lewinsky it would fly off the shelves. i don't care about state department intrigue. >> i did buy it and i care. >> me and james bonds would have to be involved for me to care. in terms of over all support rachel had it support. one up to potentially what is going to be a tough caaign and we are going to see if hillary wants. it >> will there be baggage she has to carry not only from her husband but barak obama.
5:46 pm
she was his secretary of state four years and his approval ratings tanked. 41 percent and people say his presidency is over? >> his president so isn't over until 2016 technically, right? >> i think when you have been in the public eye like hillary clinton has you will have baggage. no one would argue she doesn't have baggage. but something to be said for getting it out of the way. >> sure. >> i think people appropriate denasaity and commitment. >> this is why i want her to run. hillary doing this 20 years and it kinds of makes them insane. and she is there to troll the republicans and entertainment spectrum. it is more interesting if we are going back to the old battle from the clinton years.
5:47 pm
i don't think the democrats are going to be hurt if that is what we want to do here. >> let me ask you a question. i cannot get someone to give me a straight answer. name one country on this planet with whom the united states has a better relationship today than four years ago or six years ago. >> i think there are many countries. >> name one. >> canada. >> oh, come on! >> as a canadian. >> i mean. >> i am not sure that is wrong. >> that is so the wrong question. hillary clinton. >> why. >> she's hit the reset button with russia and make us a different world out there. >> he is a candidate and anybody who can take it over in 2016, she has the deep relationships across the globe. >> and those deep relationships are deep in the dirt these days.
5:48 pm
no one has given me the name of a! japan and ireland. >> i don't agree. it is fun to have you here. >> he is the former front band for jonna 33. vince will be jamming with the little rockers so stay with us. bulldog: ah, the dog days of summer!
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but they're going to get a little taste of it when we do "american dream." ♪ everywhere we look it all seems the same snoeft everyone is bank on hope and change snoechlt preacher man spitting out a pack of lies ♪ ♪ government selling death in disguise ♪ ♪ turn a deaf ear ♪ to the helpless cries of the poor man ♪ the american dream ♪ is busting loose at the seams ♪ we're going to lose everything ♪ ♪ we believe in ♪ the american dream
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lichlyter. helium revisited. i'm going to be back with my closing thoughts right after this. >> one, two, three, four. >> ♪ i'd lift my arm and the pain back here was excruciating. when i went to the doctor his first question was "did you have chickenpox?" i thought it was something that, you know, old people got. [ male announcer ] out here, answers should always outweigh excuses. ♪ and there's no excuse why a gas-powered heavy-duty truck can't do everything you ask of it. no excuse at all. the new 6.4-liter hemi-powered ram heavy duty.
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5:58 pm
a good idea. in 32 states, even in liberal ones like california, the people have affirmed the definition of marriage as one man-one woman. but the will of the people has been turned over time and again by unelected judges who make a political decision rather than a legal one. one of the great threats to our great republic is the utterly unconstitutional and false doctrine of judicial supremacy. you see, it's utter nonsense to capitulate to the lie that the court is the final authority. the judicial branch is one of but three branches of government and it isn't greater than or more powerful than either of the other two, and certainly not more than the legislative and executive combined. the supreme court is the supreme court, not the supreme branch. and certainly not the supreme being. the court is not our god. i am stunned sometimes by people even lawyers who bow at their knees of the courtroom.
5:59 pm
respect for judges? you bet. blind allegiance, not on your life. they interpret the law but they don't have the authority to make it or to implement it. and when they try we ought to say no. had we done so in 1973, it might have saved 55 million human lives. [ applause ] >> the greatest threat to our liberty isn't just a terrorist attack. it's surrendering to the heresy of judicial supremacy. [ applause ] this coming week, i'm going to be in israel, and i'm going to visit the young mother of an israeli-american team who with their mother were kidnapped on their way to school next week. our good friend tony orlando who was with us just a few weeks ago was in i israel when the kidnapping happened and he urged people to tie three yellow ribbons in their home until the boys get home. all over israel, they're doing
6:00 pm
just that. i hope we will, too. and we'll all pray for their safe and prompt return. well, that's it for now. this is mike huckabee from new york. good night and god bless and stay tuned for justice with judge jeanine. news report, kzs being transported around the country by our own government and you could be at risk. i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for joining us. first to iraq and my open. so what should we do? send in more troops to protect sacrifices already made? cut a deal with the devil, rira? or let the sunis and


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